We believe in long time horizon, however we listen to individual needs.

We see opportunities in different sectors,  Fintech Space, MetaVerse, Space Tourism, Farmland, Storage, Solar Energy, Real Estate, Waste Processing , Bio Solutions, Better climate and  Renewable solutions that will build a much more sustainable future for all.

ElitePro investment management believes in technological advancement  in the areas of Genomics, AI, FinTech, Electric (EVs’), Robotics, E-commerce and Space. The world is yet to harness the potentials of the advancement in science this sector provide


It gladdens our hearts that science is advancing in Genetic revolutions which includes gene editing, gene therapy, clinical trials, cutting edged drugs and general health care to improve quality of life as we aged.

Therefore, ElitePro invests in these sector leading businesses to heartening research and development that will aid the advancement of the industry.



ElitePro believes in advancing the research and development of Artificial Intelligence to solve previously unsolved problems and improved data analytics and cloud computing. Therefore, we allocated certain percentage to be invested on leading AI
business every quarter and we continually invest in AI start up businesses.

Artificial intelligence has become a reality of life and it will continue to revolutionize various industries. It will eventually create even more jobs for human. We have seen how it has transformed our telecommunications, automobile, health sector, Défense, Networking, utilities and aerospace.



We believe strongly in Fintech Revolution and that it has come to stay and can only get better. ElitePro leverages Fintech in it’s operations and will continue to do so, so long as it’s well regulated by the authorities to prevent abuse.

Fintech cut across all sectors of the economy and reduces the time traditionally spent on banking centres. It has injected a swift level of efficiency in financial operations.

As an investment platform it’s expedient to invest in the leading fintech operators in the industry to maximize our investors returns.



ElitePro investment management believe that the future is now and it’s electric. We invest to heartening the advancement in Electric studies and research.

Therefore, we invest in leading Electric car makers, Leading innovative battery makers andelectric machineries for agricultural processes and solar panel systems innovators



We are thrilled that Virgin Galatia, Space X and Blue Origin have all taken their maiden commercial flight to visit the orbits which paved ways for others and the brighter future of space tourism.

We are bullish on the potentials that will be harnessed in the space tourism traveling, therefore we have allocated certain percentage of our different funds to business researching and developing in the advancement of space tourism.


E-Commerce & Tech

E-Commerce Platforms are necessities for businesses, either to transact , communicate or entertaining. It has become the favourite tools for not only the millennials, it’s for everyone and has becomes some sort of communities where people from various part of the world reaches out to each other’s to share and aired their opinion and views.

It has become a platform for Entertaining, streaming of movies, songs etc. It has also becomes preferred communication platforms for Political activities, election and campaigning for political offices.

Many universities reach out to their student via online during the COVID19 lockdown and it’s is a medium for millions of People around the world to organize meetings and training. Therefore, ElitePro invest in the leading E-commerce and Social Media Platforms like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ZM, AMAZON, NETFLIX ,TIKTOK and GOOGLE. It’s expedient to invest in leading E-commerce and Social Media Platforms businesses that has been projected to grow even further.


Investing Process

  • Research
  • Market Technical
  • Fundamentals Analysis
  • Portfolio management / Diversification
  • Risk management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Historical / Back Testing