Philosophy of Investment

We invest to impact our world  by supporting research programs focusing on disruptive technologies & biotechnology to improve human health and quality of life. 
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R. Saliu
C.E.O - R. Saliu
Chief Investment Strategist.


We seek to  generate maximum returns for our clients from the businesses we’ll  invest their funds on.

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At ElitePro, we look deeper than daily prices of asset in the market. We allocate enormous resources into research to discover opportunities and understanding to help inform better decision making for our clients. We’re prudent in our approach to investing.

Our investment Approach is that of a business owner making sure all DOTS are ticked . We invest only in selected companies that we have a deep understanding of the business and revenue models. After undergoing our rigorous processes of stocks selection which includes, Research, Market technical and fundamental analysis, Portfolio & Risk management and ensuring all financials details are thoroughly examined to certify.

We consider sector rotation on all our funds and allocate certain Percentage of our portfolio to emerging market like China,Singapore,Brazil,Japan and Hong Kong. We invest in businesses that has great potentials for returns. 

We believe in long time horizon, however we listen to individual needs.

Our investing approach is VALUE for a long time horizon. We strategically and tactically invest in GROWTH stocks that meet our benchmark in other to service individual needs in a short time.

We see  VALUE opportunities in different sectors,  Fintech Space, MetaVerse, Space Tourism, Farmland, Storage, Solar Energy, Real Estate, Waste Processing , Bio Solutions, Better climate and  Renewable solutions that will build a much more sustainable future for all.

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