Founder and Chief Investment strategist : Ahmed Saliu-Alubankudi
Ahmed is the Chief Investment strategist of ElitePro. Responsible for its vision, strategy and investment decision. He and his team set the growth initiative and oversight for investment decision and research for new opportunities.

Ahmed Previously worked with SMT Nigeria (Volvo Equipment Authorized Representatives) as Country business development Executive where he was responsible for the oil & Gas sector of the Nigerian businesses. He was responsible for the south south, southeast and south west businesses and overseeing the mining activities, Marine Activities and Pipelines construction. He spent 14 years as Business head.


Ahmed Saliu-Alubankudi

Prior to the last appointment, he served as the ICT Manager for OLANIWUN AJAYI LP in Banana Island Lagos. The No 1 Law Innovative Law firm in the country where he oversaw the Migration of the ICT infrastructure from the SBS server to ICT full-fledged server infrastructure hosted on the client side.


He also served as business analyst with CAPITAL BUSINESS SERVICE in Bedford England. Where he was responsible for several projects including the SIMS learning Gateway for Public schools in England and Wales. Ahmed also served as corporate banking officer at the Barclays Investment Bank in Cardiff city. Where he was responsible for internal audit.


Ahmed holds an MBA from Cardiff Business school and an Msc E-Commerce Technology from Oxford brookes university Wheatly, Oxford. He also holds a BSc in Sociology & Anthropology from University of Ado Ekiti. Nigeria, He has several other programmes and certificates including CAPITAL MARKET and SECURITY ANALYST, (CMSA).


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