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We are fund managers. We assist clients to invest in the largest and safest economy in the world. The US Market.

At ElitePro Investment Management, it goes beyond prices going up and down. It is owning a share of valuable businesses that also pays you dividend.

We invest in equity, fixed income, multi-asset which include REIT and bonds.

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"I am very satisfied with the service provided by ElitePro Investment and over the years and the management of my finances has remained secure."
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Asked Questions

Stock market indices are used to measure the general movement of the stock market. It is used as a proxy for overall market movement. The major stock market indices are:

  • Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index (BSE) popularly known as Sensex. It reflects the movements of 30 sensitive shares from specified and non specified groups.
  • S and P CNX nifty, known as Nifty Index. It reflects the movements of 50 scrips selected on the basis of market capitalization and liquidity.

Equity market consists of primary market and secondary market.

Primary equity market – is also called new issues market as securities are issued to public for the very first time. In this market the new issues are made in following four ways:

  • Public issue
  • Rights issue
  • Private placements
  • Preferential allotment

Secondary equity market – also known as Stock exchanges which are an important part of capital market. It is an organized market place where securities are traded. These securities are issued by government, semi-government bodies, public sector undertakings, joint stock companies etc.

Efficient market is one where the market price of the security is an unbiased estimate of its intrinsic value. The efficient market hypothesis is based on following assumptions:

  • Market is perfect and free without any trade restrictions.
  • Market absorbs all the information quickly and efficiently.
  • Information is free and costless and is freely available to all at the same time.
  • Information is fair and correct.
  • Market players can analyze the information quickly and it is absorbed in the market through buy and sell signals.

Dow’s Theory is the oldest and the most known theories of technical analysis. It was proposed by Charles H. Dow. Dow’s theory has put forward six basic principles:

  • The averages discount everything. 
  • Market has three main movements. These are primary, secondary and minor movements.
  • Lines indicate movements. Such a movement indicates either accumulation or distribution.
  • Price-volume relationships provide background.
  • The price action determines the trend in the market.
  • The averages must confirm i.e. the movements of two different market indices must confirm each other to confirm the overall trend.
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